Kevin Foisy, Artist Statement
While the world becomes increasingly connected, I feel that as individuals, we are gradually disconnecting from each other and from the natural world around us. In the hustle bustle of work and daily life, we find leisure through movies, television, video games, and other forms of highly available entertainment. These mediums are typically experienced without a human connection to others, or a natural connection to the world. These intense forms of recreation can dull our senses to the natural wonders of the world and the individuals that surround us.

As a photographer, I seek out these experiences and try to represent them in images. I attempt to capture the feeling of a moment; whether that be an awe inspired experience of standing at the top of a mountain, or the impact of awakening to the simple beauty of light and shadow on a still object.

Whatever the subject that moves me, I try to capture it faithfully and present it with the greatest visual impact in an attempt to connect with the emotions of the viewer and demonstrate the incredible beauty that exists both at the extremes of the earth and immediately before us.